How does the music part work? 
RecordBeater automatically detects the beats per minute of most of the music on your phone, and after a minute or so of running it has detected your cadence. You can now press "Play" and the app will automatically select and play the music tracks that will match your cadence.
After each music track (or 5 minutes) it will automatically select a new track matching your new pace.

How to add music to RecordBeater:
The app uses the existing music on your phone to match your cadence. If you don't have fast paced workout music you can provide RecordBeater with some music in several ways.

BPM distribution

Is the same few songs played all the time?
You music collection might not contain a lot music in your running pace. A running cadence is typically between 150 BPM and 180 BPM and pop/rock/dance music is typically between 100 and 140 BPM. But fast tempo music exists. You have several options to find new running music. You can see BPM distribution of your current music by clicking "Workout" > "More" > "My music collection".

How is my steps-per-min detected?
Your steps/min are detected by the motion sensor in your phone. To improve the steps/min detection keep your phone in your hand or in an armband while running. Read more...

Troubleshooting: Cadence detection
If you have problems with the cadence detection, please read this check list.

Troubleshooting: Heart rate monitor
Please read this note on the heart rate monitor support in RecordBeater.

RecordBeater - Music matching your steps

Run to the beat - RecordBeater for Android detects your running cadence and plays music with a matching rhythm. Read more...