Mar 1, 2012

Heart rate monitors

With RecordBeater and a heart rate monitor from Zephyr you can get RecordBeater to pace you into a target heart rate training zone by playing faster or slower music.

RecordBeater supports the Zephyr Bluetooth Heart rate monitor. You need Android OS version 2.0 or newer to connect to this Bluetooth device with RecordBeater.

Follow this guide to pair your HxM device with your phone: Zephyr Android HxM Tips.
When your HxM device is paired with your phone then start RecordBeater and enter the settings window. Enable "Heart rate monitor" and go into the Workout module. If your heart rate is shown on the "Stats" tab, then your HxM is correct connected. If you have problems return to the guide Zephyr Android HxM Tips.

Under Settings in RecordBeater you can also specify your min and max heart rate.
During a workout you can see your heart rate in percent of your min and max heart rate.

If you check "Match music to pulse zone" and specify your target training zone with a min and max percent, then RecordBeater will record your heart rate and compare it to your target heart rate zone. It you are outside your target zone the app will adjust the music up or down in tempo to guide you into your target zone. This is all done automatically during your workout. All you have to do is run and follow the beat of the music.

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