Sep 2, 2010

Download workout music

For the best possibly utilization of RecordBeater you need to (1) determine your running rhythm and then (2) download podcasts to your Android phone in a pace near to your running rhythm.

We know of several DJs making free workout music mixes perfect for RecordBeater. Go for the fixed BPM mixes for beat utilization in RecordBeater.
Your steps/min are shown here.

1: Determine your running rhythm:
  • Verify that the GPS is turned on. Press GO on the Stats tab. This will start the cadence detection. Run for some minutes with your phone in your hand. Your cadence (steps/min rhythm) is now displayed on the Music tab as shown in the screen-shot.
  • Or: Run for some minutes, and then count your steps for exactly 60 seconds.
2: Download music:
  1. On your computer:  
    • Go to the site of the fixed bpm podcast by Steve Boyett on a computer.
    • Download some of the podcasts with a bpm around your workout rhythm. It is essential that you download the fixed bpm podcasts - not the interval podcasts. So if you are running 165 steps/min download some podcasts from say 155 to 175 bpm in steps of 2-3 bpm.
    • Connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable.
  2. On your phone: 
    • Specify that you want to copy files between your computer and your phone.
  3. On your computer: 
    • Copy your music to a folder on the SD Card of your phone.
    • Disconnect your phone from the computer.
  4. On your phone
    • (Optional) Specify your music folder in Settings in RecordBeater: Settings > Music folder > Select your folder with running music.
That's it.
Enjoy running with RecordBeater

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  1. Where can I get "Stealer" music? I lost all tracks in a process of reinstallation


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