Aug 22, 2010

BeatFit: Auto detection of steps/min

BeatFit is what makes RecordBeater unique to other mobile GPS tracking applications. It is a unique technique to detect your steps/min rhythm when you are running.

Running to music exactly matching your steps makes it easier to maintain a constant pace. And it is scientifically show that working out to synchronised music decreases your need for oxygen by 7% compared to working out to arbitrary music [1].

Running to synchronised music helps you to get a flow in your workout. And you can easily hit "the zone" where everything is everything is working like a well-oiled machine. Your steps, your air flow and the music - all synchronised!

BeatFit: Steps-per-min detection in RecordBeater
Your steps/min is detected by the accelerometer in the smart phone. Your steps/min rythm is calculated about one time each minute. For this calculation to work you need to expose your mobile phone to a periodically forward/backward movement synchronised with your steps. This is typically done by holding your phone in your hand or attaching it to your arm with an armband.

If you want to store your phone in a floating pocket while running the auto detection might not work properly. Instead you can tell RecordBeater how many steps you are taking per minute. You can always detect your steps/min manually by counting steps in one minute while running. Use the Settings ("Cadence-music match" > "Cadence detection" > "Fixed steps/min") to enter your fixed workout rhythm.

[1] C Karageorghis, D. Priest: Music in Sport and Exercise: An Update on Research and Application, Brunel University, 2008

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