Sep 21, 2010

Troubleshooting: Cadence detection

If you experience problems with the cadence detection in RecordBeater please check the following:

Does the music not change to your new pace? RecordBeater will not change the played music track just because you chance your cadence. RecordBeater will only change the music when your track is played to the end - or if you have heard the same track five minutes and your cadence changes significant. The new track will match your current cadence at the time the track starts. You can always force RecordBeater to start a new track matching your current pace by pressing the play button. If you want the music to change every time you change your cadence you can change the "cadence tolerance" and "minimum playtime for each track" in Settings.

Are you tracking a workout? RecordBeater are only listening for steps when you are tracking a workout. In this way the steps/min result from your last workout are still displayed on the music tab - ready for your next workout. Activate the GPS on your phone and press "Go!" on the Workout module in RecordBeater to start the cadence-detection in RecordBeater.

Are you running? The step-detection of RecordBeater are optimized to runners. So it will only detect cadences between 125 and 210 steps/min - it should cover almost all medium to long distance runners.

Do you hold the phone in your hand or on your arm? The cadence
is calculated based on sensor input form the motion sensor in your phone. You need to expose your phone to a forward/backward movement synchronized to your steps - e.g. by holding your phone in your hand. It should not be placed in a lose pocket.
The cadence are only calculated once or twice every minute and the latest result are displayed on the music tab to the left of the green play-button (e.g. "Play AAA bpm", where AAA is your cadence). The displayed cadence is the most dominate cadence.

Have you selected BeatFit? You can set up RecordBeater to detect your cadence
automatically or to act as if you where running at a fixed cadence. Make your choice in Settings > Cadence-music match > Cadence detection. If RecordBeater automatically should detect your cadence you should select "BeatFit".

Is no music played? When you press play in RecordBeater, the program will select a music track from the folder you specified in Settings. Your tracks need to be bpm-analyzed. The fixed bpm podcasts by Steve Boyett are already bpm-analysed. But if you want to use your existing music you might want to read this guide: Analyse your own music.

Is the music not matching your pace/cadence? If RecordBeater can not find a track with a bpm perfectly matching your cadence, then it will select a second best match.

Is the music not matching each of your steps? The music can not match each and every of your steps. But if you have some good workout music with a constant fixed rhythm (bpm) and the music is bpm-analysed then RecordBeater can select and play music with as many beats per minute as you have running steps per minute. In this way you can easily match your running steps to the beat of the music.

Do you still have problems? If you still have problems with the music part of RecordBeater after you have followed this guide, then RecordBeater might not support your phone. If so - please contact me (oleslir-sillyA-gmail-dot-com).

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